Sonic Utterance

Gästade 2008 (31 mars – 20 maj) 
Av: Marcus Doverud
Medverkande: Patric Thorman, Petter Westberg, Irina Sandomirskaja, Anni Gustavsson, Fredrik Wahlberg (ljudligt yttrande) Anders ”Shorty Larsson (co.ljusdesign) Johan Ronström (co.grafisk design) Jasmine Wigartz- Göthman (press, marknad) Irini Siga (press, marknad) Liselotte Wajstedt (dokumentation) Daniel Israelsson (kock) Kia Berglund, Rikard Borggård (konstnärliga ledare Teater Giljotin) Peter Bergman (gallerist ALP/gallery)

Såhär beskrivs föreställningen 2008: ”Under the label of an exhibited performance I would like to present a number of small acts that deals with the concept of sonic utterance, and through the use of the dispositif try to produce a distance between what is being presented and the who is presenting it.”

”…How meaning is produced and differed depending on witch set of experience-theory through witch we constitute our understandings of the world and it’s signs.”

SvD 15/4-08